Corporate Fits

Are you looking for custom-made suits for your employees? Company Fits can help you to create the perfect suit, in keeping with your company’s identity and style.

Our suits are custom-made and we will personally measure your employees for size. As a result, each suit will be tailored to the wearer, certain to fit your employees like a glove. What’s more, we can provide alterations after the fact as well, to be certain the fit is perfect. Are you hiring a new employee? We will personally visit the individual to provide him or her with the perfect suit as well.

When we have designed a custom-made clothing line for your company, we want everyone to feel comfortable wearing it. This is important for a uniform professional look, but also for your employees’ sense of pride. If someone one your team takes a size outside the typical range, we want to make sure that individual does not feel excluded. As an additional service, we can provide clothing for that team member as well. So whatever your size may be: we make it fit.

Do you want to know what Company Fits can do for your organisation?