We take the entire matter of occupational clothing off your hands

Company Fits has been making a difference in the field of occupational clothing for many years by combining top fashion and occupational clothing, listening to the needs of the customer, delivering excellent quality and working with passion on unique designs

We offer a range of custom-made concepts for occupational clothing and coordinate the entire manufacturing process. In addition, we develop web shops for our customers and our help desk is available for questions and comments regarding the occupational clothing and/or the ordering system. We can keep your occupational clothing in stock in our own warehouse and deliver to any locations you wish. Today, our occupational clothing is distributed around the world and worn in more than 68 different countries!

Design of custom-made occupational clothing collection

All occupational clothing produced by Company Fits is unique and custom made; your needs are the basis for a future clothing line. Once we have drawn up a list of all your requirements, our styling team translates your needs into a custom-made design. We always take the wearing comfort of the occupational clothing into account, as well as the mandatory 70 cm2 of logos and developments with respect to fashion and material.

Corporate Fashion Award

The fact that Company Fits is continuously able to come up with a surprising new

perspective on occupational clothing is apparent from the many nominations for and the multiple times it has won the Corporate Fashion Awards with collections of – to name a few – Imtech, Sparta, Pathé, Rituals, Bosch Car Service, the Koninklijke Schouwburg (Royal Theatre), Ekoplaza, Alphega, AMI hairdressers, BENU and Lely International.

Our stylists enthusiastically accept all challenges with respect to occupational clothing and deliver a unique design for each project. To date, we have successfully supplied more than 100 different companies with custom-made occupational clothing!

More than 100 brands and 100,000 employees wear our products every day

Custom-made occupational clothing

All Company Fits occupational clothing collections are manufactured under our management specifically for you. They are made in various locations, both in the Far East and in Europe. For each clothing line and each item, we decide where they can be manufactured to your best advantage. We work together with BSCI-certified factories and we are a member of BSCI too.

Extensive quality testing

Because Company Fits stands for occupational clothing of excellent quality, every component of your clothing line, from material to button, is sampled, checked and tested by our quality controllers.

They test the clothing according to ELCA Group (European Technical Clothing Group) guidelines for such things as pilling, bleeding of colours, wind and water resistance, colour fastness, rub fastness and shrinkage.

If all the separate components of your clothing line meet the correct values, a pre-product sample is made. This sample is subjected to final measurement, final fitting and washing. As the customer, you are shown a pre-production sample for approval. If everything is satisfactory and to your liking, we produce your clothing line.

Our occupational clothing is worn in more than 65 different countries

Sustainable objectives & manufacturing

Sustainability is in our DNA and for Company Fits, delivering excellent quality goes hand in hand with corporate social responsibility. Everything we do – our projects, our certifications and our initiatives – we do with people and the environment in mind and we are committed to identifying, preventing and reducing social risks and to making our collections and production chains even more sustainable.

Sustainable materials & recycling

We do this among other things by making as much use as possible of sustainable materials in our clothing and recycling the clothing after use. This way we reduce the impact of our manufacturing on the environment and reduce waste through recycling.


We realise that we cannot improve the entire chain on our own. Cooperation is essential if we are truly to make headway. It is partly for this reason that we entered into a collaboration with UNICEF and in 2016 signed the Covenant on Sustainable Clothing & Textiles. The Covenant obliges us to conduct an extensive chain risk analysis every year and to remain focused on the future.
In our detailed CSR report, we give an account of what we have undertaken with respect to CSR, whilst providing clear insight into where we manufacture, identifying certain risks and highlighting what we can still improve from a social perspective and with respect to the environment.

We make as much use as possible of sustainable materials in our occupational clothing

Web shop, logistics and distribution

Joining forces with Company Fits involves more than just designing and manufacturing occupational clothing. We also develop web shops to facilitate online ordering. Your web shop can be designed to your liking and is very user-friendly, making ordering a piece of cake.

Help desk

If there are any questions, your employees can contact our help desk, which is available on the phone or by email all day. We take all the practicalities of occupational clothing off your hands.

Inventory management

We can keep your entire inventory of occupational clothing in stock in our warehouse and distribution centre in Apeldoorn. Furthermore, we can deliver from our warehouse straight to your employees. With our automated order system, we can deliver your orders quickly and efficiently. Today, our occupational clothing is shipped to more than 68 countries around the world. We keep an eye on your inventory and alert you when a repeat manufacture is required. So that’s another thing you don’t have to worry about.

We keep your clothing in stock and deliver anywhere in the world