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Sustainability is in our DNA. Everything we do – our projects, our certifications and our initiatives – we do with people and the environment in mind and we are committed to identifying, preventing and reducing social risks and to making our collections and production chains even more sustainable.

Sustainability strategy

We have integrated corporate social responsibility into our policy and that is reflected in our daily activities. Our policy comprises five building blocks. These building blocks ensue from the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as drawn up in 2016 by the United Nations.

Our five building blocks are the use of sustainable raw materials, sustainable and social manufacturing conditions, sustainable partnerships, circular economy and sustainable operational management.

Covenant on Sustainable Clothing & Textiles

Collaboration is essential to truly make headway. We therefore signed the Covenant on Sustainable Clothing & Textiles in 2016. Together with other companies, NGOs, governments, customers and partners within the clothing and textile industry, we joined forces so that we can actually achieve improvements within the textile sector. Furthermore, we entered into a collaboration with UNICEF through the Better Business For Children programme.

CSR report

Although corporate social responsibility is already integrated in our policy and reflected in our daily activities, we are keen to do more with respect to CSR. As a signatory to the Covenant, we undertake to conduct an extensive chain risk analysis every year and to remain focused on the future. Our CSR report provides a clear insight into where we manufacture, identifies certain risks and highlights what we can still improve from a social perspective and with respect to the environment.

By making optimal use of sustainable materials like organic cotton and recycled PET bottles and recycling clothing after use, we are gradually reducing the impact of our manufacturing on the environment.

“Together we can make a difference!”

As Company Fits, we are committed to doing our utmost in this respect. Everything we do, we do with people and the environment in mind and we collaborate and enter into partnerships so that we can count for something. The help of customers is also essential in this respect. They must want to switch to using more sustainable materials. Proper planning is also required, as is the will to recycle used clothing. We accept these challenges together with the customer on our way to a healthier and better environment and improved working conditions in the factories. Together we can make a difference!

Company Fits has more than
5 tons of clothing recycled in 2018

Used Raw materials

Company Fits CSR report

Together we can make a difference!