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We design and manufacture affordable, high-quality, custom-made occupational clothing. All our occupational clothing collections are fully adapted to meet the wants and needs you specify for your particular occupational clothing. We support, design, manufacture, develop custom web shops, keep occupational clothing in stock and deliver occupational clothing to any desired location.

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Industry Specials

From casual occupational clothing to workwear and from hospitality clothing to representative clothing… Every industry is different, all with their own specific wants and needs for their occupational clothing. At Company Fits, we understand this more than anybody else and translate all these wishes into a custom-made or customised occupational clothing line that fully meets your requirements.

Strong brands deserve customised clothing

With our many years of knowledge and expertise in fashion and textile, you can be assured that we will design the ideal occupational clothing for your organisation.

Custom-made occupational clothing (as from 50 wearers):

If you want company clothing that fits your company to a tee and is dyed to match your company colours, then a custom-made clothing line is the way to go. Our stylists design your distinct occupational clothing which is then manufactured exclusively for you. Custom-made occupational clothing can be arranged from 50 wearers and over. It is a unique collection that suits your organisation down to the smallest detail.

Customised occupational clothing (as from 1 wearer):

If you are looking for a new clothing line that can be ordered in smaller quantities, look no further. We will be delighted to provide a customised occupational clothing collection for you. We bring together items of clothing that are available on the market and customise them with your logos and details.

Branche Fits

Modern and comfortable occupational clothing, suitable for all employees in your organisation… That’s what Company Fits stands for. We keep a close eye on the latest fashion trends and create a corporate clothing collection that reflects your company. More and more companies are moving towards a more casual look to represent their professional image. This trend dovetails well with the fashion of today. If you are interested in knowing more about many different options, please contact us, free of obligation, and find out what we can do for you!

We realise the importance of hard-wearing, robust workwear. In conjunction with the customer, we develop a high-quality workwear line. Are your employees required to carry certain attributes with them or does the clothing need to meet any special safety requirements or certifications? Because we design and manufacture all our occupational clothing ourselves, we can take all your wants and needs into account. Strict quality requirements guarantee a high-quality and durable occupational clothing collection.

> Click here to view the Lely workwear collection.

Company Fits offers a range of options with respect to occupational clothing for healthcare workers. We take into account comfort, functionality, legislation, appeal, fit and, of course, quality. From hospital clothing to pharmacy clothing and from clothing for use in residential care facilities to maternity care… our years of knowledge and expertise in the market guarantees that we can design a modern, functional clothing collection that meets all your requirements.

> Click here to view the van healthcare Benu collection

Company Fits is happy to design a sports clothing line that matches your particular needs. In view of our years of experience in designing sports outfits for the largest fitness centres and swimming pool chains in the Netherlands, we know more than anyone else what is required of good sportswear. Proper fit, good freedom of movement and a sporty look and appeal… Company Fits considers all these factors when developing its designs and makes sure that all articles of clothing are of the highest quality.

> Click here to view the Fit For Free collection.

Company Fits is the place to be for representatives clothing. We help you develop the perfect suits for your employees and offer the possibility of taking each employee’s individual measurements. We can also adjust the clothing to fit. We provide a total service! Hiring a new employee? No worries! We will visit you to ensure that this person is fitted with the perfect outfit. Of course, there are many other possibilities besides conventional suits to give your employees a representative look. Let our styling team amaze you with a custom-made representatives occupational clothing line!

Do you want to contribute to a cleaner and better environment? And would you like your occupational clothing to contribute to your aim? Opt for a custom-made occupational clothing collection that not only looks good but is also made of sustainable materials like organic cotton, recycled PET bottles and milk fibre. The manufacture of your occupational clothing can consequently save water and energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At Company Fits, we are signatories to the Covenant on Sustainable Clothing & Textiles and focus daily on corporate social responsibility. Do you want your clothing to be recycled after use? We can help you in this respect too!

For all your events and promotional activities, Company Fits provides the perfect occupational clothing. Will your company be participating in a trade show or would you like to make a particularly good and professional impression on potential customers during another business event? Make sure that your employees’ dress code is in line with your company image. Representativeness, brand awareness and recognisability are key words here.

All hospitality establishments are different. They therefore want their chefs and catering personnel to wear clothing that reflects their particular ambience and atmosphere. Whether you want a trendy industrial look or more representative hospitality clothing: we design and manufacture a custom-made clothing line in keeping with your needs. Naturally, our stylists take freedom of movement and easy washing into account in their designs.


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Project manager

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