Meet Company Fits

Why does choosing Company Fits make all the difference? It’s because our clothes are stylish and comfortable at the same time, our designs are unique and our clothing collections are produced at the best locations in Europe and the Far East. We offer the highest quality and the best delivery terms at a low price.

We design corporate-wear concepts, coordinate the entire production process and develop B2B webshops where you, or your employees, can order their  clothes. We take care of the entire process. This saves you a great deal of valuable time, ensuring you can stay focused on your own core business.

Company Fits works with a dynamic team which has extensive experience and expertise in the fields of fashion, fabrics and textile products. We have been designing and producing corporate wear for nearly 15 years and day in day out, over 100,000 employees at businesses all over the world are wearing one of our costume-made designs. On top of that, our products are transported to 60 different countries all over the world!

Our goal is to translate our clients’ wishes into a fashionable, attractive and comfortable Work Wear, Casual Wear, Sports Wear, Pharmaceutical Wear, Promotional Wear, Representative workwear en tailored suits.

Sustainable entrepreneurship is important to Company Fits. We care about our planet, its people and the environment: that’s why we use sustainable energy and eco-friendly materials. We recycle products and we strive to achieve the most favourable working conditions for employees at the production facilities of our partners in Europe and the Far East. As a result of those same convictions, we have also formulated our own Corporate Social Responsibility Declaration.

“Day in day out, over 100,000 employees at businesses all over the world are wearing one of our costume-made designs”

Do you want to know what Company Fits can do for your company?

René de Vries


In 2001, René de Vries started Company Fits with the goal to combine comfortable workwear and fashion. He wanted to go the extra mile to create a modern and fashionable clothing collection for a lot of different companies, perfectly tailored to their brand and logo. This is a goal Rene has already reached: day in day out, over 100.000 people from business all over the world are wearing one of Company Fits’ custom made designs.

Miret Schierboom

Project Manager

Miret is responsible for the communication between the different departments of Company Fits. Besides, she is always available for questions and advice in her role as project manager. “My function is very versatile. I’m involved during the entire process from design to delivery and I’m in contact with both colleague and client. That’s why I really like what I’m doing.”

Mandy Fleur

Project Manager

“As a project manager, I visit a lot of different companies for advise and I will inform them about the possibilities Company Fits can offer them for the future. I also make an inventory concerning the corporate-wear needs of potential clients. This is very important, because these needs and wishes will form the beginning of their own corporate wear collection.” Mandy accompanies clients during the entire process and is always available for questions and advice.

Luc Jansen

Project Manager

The organizational strong Luc makes sure projects for our clients will be well proceeded behind the scenes.  He takes control over the stock and informs our clients on time if a re-production is necessary. Luc is also responsible for the project “standard clothing”. This means he communicates with our printer and embroiderer and he makes sure all standard items will be delivered into the right color and with the right embroidery.

Ferdi van Breukelen

Project Manager

Ferdi is the one who communicates with the franchise clients of Company Fits. He personally visits them and gives them advice about workwear. Are you looking for custom-made suits for your employees? Ferdi can help you to find the perfect suit, in keeping with your company’s identity and style. He personally measures your employees for size which will lead to suits that will fit your employees like a glove.

Eline Berkhoff


Eline has extensive knowledge of developments in the fields of fashion, fabrics and textile products. She always keeps your wishes in mind and knows exactly how she has to translate these wishes into a custom made design. Whatever our clients wishes may be: Eline always fights for a design that perfectly tailors their companies brand and logo. This not without any result: the clothing collection Eline has designed for De Koninklijke Schouwburg won a Corporate Fashion Award!

Joyce Tempel


With her fashion background and knowledge about textile products, Joyce is an expert when it comes to  the developments of new fits and designs.  She always combines her creativity and technical knowledge and can effectively design a corporate-wear collection that suits your company perfectly. Joyce also communicates with our production locations.

Evert-Jan Poppe

Production Manager

As a production manager, Evert-Jan is responsible for the communication between our office in the Netherlands and our production locations in Europe and the Far-East. Evert-Jan makes all our schedules and visits our production locations several times a year. Besides, he works hard to guarantee that all our clients receive their clothes on the agreed time. “Especially the communication between a lot of different cultures makes my job so interesting.”

Maxime Steentjes


Maxime is our production coordinator. She arranges our purchasing and is, in collaboration with Evert-Jan, responsible for the production of our custom made designs. “I know everything about the status of our productions and communicate with our production locations. I also inspect and test all fabrics and textiles at our production department in the Netherlands. For example, I check for pilling, staining and shrinking and test the wind- and waterproof qualities of our clothing. This, to make sure we will always deliver clothes of an exceptional high quality.

Anne van de Wetering

Logistics Manager

Anne started to work for Company Fits a long time ago and as our manager logistics, she first of all takes care of our distribution centre in the Netherlands. Anne guarantees that all our clients receive their packages in time. Secondly, she accompanies our logistics employees and takes care of our custom webshops.

José Braamkolk

Logistics employee

José is involved in the entire logistical process. She prepares orders, picks them and makes them ready for being transported to our clients. José also responds to any questions or comments you might have about your order.

Dontené Koopman

Warehouse employee

Don works at our warehouse and distribution centre. He makes packages ready for being transported to our clients.

Toos van Huffelen


For many years, Toos is responsible for the administration and accountancy of Company Fits. She is very precise and likes to work in an environment where every day is different. This is something she has achieved by working for Company Fits. “I never know what the day will bring me.”